In this type of questions, a small paragraph will be given with a deleted sentence. This sentence can be at last or at the beginning or in between the passage. A student needs to identify the best sentence which completes the paragraph from the answer options. Even though there are several general principles and some ideas about answering these questions, most of the times a student finds the so called rules may not apply to these questions. In several instances, besides, identifying the author’s style, way of thinking, tone will be difficult with just one paragraph. So it requires a lot of concentration to answer the paragraph completion questions.




          In a test of English language in Bank Exams for PO, this question type is a new introduction; passage completion plays a very important role as it has a significant role in the verbal section of the test with 5 questions. Once you have spent crucial exam time on these, there is no logic to answer it incorrect. Hence a lot of practice should be done to attempt these questions with accuracy and speed.


          It tests the ability of a student to logically connect the different parts of a passage. It also tests certain reasoning skills of the student. Para-completion is nothing else but a test of your comprehension skills. All it asks of you is to complete a missing line from a paragraph. Following tips can be followed while solving these questions-


  • Identify the theme of the passage.
  • Identify the continuing flow of thought.
  • Continue the thread of thought keeping in mind the already discussed matter.
  • Try to connect the thoughts of passage.
  • Judge your option on location of blank space.
  • Relate the missing part with preceding and following sentences.
  • Do not introduce new things.
  • Do not deviate from the real issue of the passage.
  • Judge the passage tone and compare it with the tone of the option.


Sufficient number of good questions is given with detailed solutions to increase your proficiency in this section.