In this section, a sentence is given with a blank space that can be filled with multiple options while giving same sense and intended meaning to the situation described in sentence. Student has to mark the option which has correct pair of words to suit the sentence out of five choices. Six option words are given for the blank.




          Main requisite for doing well in this particular section requires a rich vocabulary. This knowledge of words should be more from the usage point of view. A student shall be able to recognize how some words, although not synonymous yet highly replaceable.

          While reading a book, newspaper or magazine one should always try to find out certain combinations of words. Sometimes a particular word can be attached with only other specific verbs or adjectives.

          See the word conclusion it can be used in a certain way with certain verbs only.

          Conclusion – reach a conclusion, draw a conclusion

          One will find word ‘conclusion’ used in this way more often than not in all reading materials used by all.

          Some logic also goes in for solving these questions.

          See the other word License-

          License can be allotted or sanctioned. There are no other verbs that fit so well with process of obtaining a license.

          Now have a look at following examples of adjectives which you will find interesting and helpful to solve questions. Have a stock of these and it would work like a support system for you. A list of the combinations has to be formed and revised daily to strengthen the usage based vocabulary application.

See some of the combinations that are usually seen in reading materials.

Technology – current, existing, latest, obsolete, emerging, unmatchable, unbeatable, state of art.

Warning – dire, grim, ominous, stark.

Withdrawal – sudden, imminent, strategic, ignominious.

Slope –   Precipitous, steep, gradual.

Recollection – Vivid, faint, hazy.

Shout – muffled, raucous, triumphant.

Suggestion – Constructive, Practical, Outrageous, Preposterous, tentative.

Proof – Conclusive, incontrovertible, irrefutable, tangible

          Students should try to locate more of such combinations while reading and note them down in their diaries.

          In this section of book such questions of exam level have been given for your practice. These are more or less daily usage words used in day today writings by bank officers, clerks and other professionals and similar words are expected to appear in exam.